Traditional/ Native False Forelock - long length 50cms


Our Native forelocks have been created further to your feedback, made with natural soft mane hair they make all natives and traditionals look fabulous when missing that WOW forelock. 

    Gorgeous, 100% natural mane hair forelock. Variety of colours available.

    Length: 50cms

    Width: 10cms

    Frequently asked questions listed below...

    How does the false forelock attach? 

    It has a strong clip at the top of the weft that attaches to the horse at the point of separation (under bridle headpiece) to give the overall impression of a much thicker and fuller forelock.

    Is there a risk of the forelock fall out?

    No, when fitted correctly the forelock has no chance of falling out. If you want to be extremely cautious then you can always add a few cotton stitches, however, the clip is strong enough to stay attached for days on end.

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