HAAS Brush Collection - All Sets and Individual Brushes

HAAS Brush Collection - All Sets and Individual Brushes

The innovative design of all HAAS brushes ensure longevity, with the bristles and handle incorporated directly into the body of the brush with only the most robust materials used, made in Germany. Without the use of glue, screws, or nails, these brushes are the best option for both horse and rider, built to last for years to come. Easy to wash and dry, comfortable fitting to your hand with a wonderful leather strap. 

The craze around these brushes is real, they really are wonder brushes that when used correctly give your horse or pony an enviable shine. 

Here at SHOWPONYPREP® we sell all the standard brushes individually and also in packs. We have an exclusive HAAS SHINE package which is new to the market in 2021.

We provide you with a help sheet & numbered brushes to support and guide you through your HAAS learning journey!

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