False Plaits



Gorgeous false plaits to fill the gaps on your horse/pony.

Made with perfection in mind, we measure the hair in each and every plait to ensure they look perfect!

If your pony has rubbed his mane, got sweet itch or just has a thin mane... look no further... Showponyprep can help!!

Small: £4.50 (size of 5p)

Medium: £5.50 (size of 20p)

Large: £6.50 (size of £1)

X - Large: £7.00 (size of a 50p)

Fitting hints and tips from the top UK Producers: 

After speaking with all the producers that are using the SHOWPONYPREP® False plaits, we have learned a lot are using the 'Stick & Sew' Method.

They dab the stem of the plait in the glue and place in the position they would like the plait to sit (poked through the wisps of hair available (or just glued to the neck if there is no hair to sew to.  Once it is in position they follow our You Tube video below. 

You can purchase the black hair weft glue on our website for just £8.99 (just search 'Glue' and one tub should last you all season.

All other mane colours can use a product called 'Ghost glue' it can be purchased on Amazon Prime and is totally see through and discreet *.

Watch our fitting video here :-

* As always, we would recommend you do a quick patch test with the glue prior to using. Glues can all be removed very easily with an oil based product like baby oil or pig oil. Be sure to wash the oil away prior to turning the horse or pony out afterwards. 


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