DECK SHOES - The Comfort Shoe Collection

DECK SHOES - The Comfort Shoe Collection

Our New Stock Deck shoes have been selected with the keen Equestrian in mind. 

Whether you wear them for shows, work or for running up horses at the races/eventing, we have a range of colours and styles to make any outfit look incredible!

Our Shoes have been super popular across the non-Horsey population too, make the perfect work shoes, turn a plain outfit into a classy one and also seem to be a firm favourite with people that have to work on their feet throughout the day.  They have a super soft comfort sole with memory foam lining, robust sole and strong PU Leather Upper. 

SHOWPONYPREP® Comfort Deck shoes are always kept at the most competitive prices we can to ensure you are always getting a great deal! We have seen a vast number of other companies selling the same shoes for £30-£40 per pair!! 

We have a 99% satisfaction rate with our shoes, so much so that a vast number of our customers have them in every single colour and manage to have at least 10 pairs for the equivalent price some of the Big Brand deck shoes sell for!


INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: I can get a bespoke courier cost for you - we always advise for you to purchase around 4-5 pairs at once and we will get you a quote - all you need to do is text/whats app me on 07710550438 and i will work on it for you. 


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