Stand out from the crowd, with our exceptional quality tails. Showponyprep tails are easy to attach with a cloth loop top. They measure between 70-76cms in length and come in various weights, dependant on needs.

100% natural horse tail hair - the tails have a tapered finish at the bottom for a natural look for our native types, you can also cut to size for show ponies and show hunter ponies.

The tails are designed to be attached underneath the dock area and approx 3" of hair is needed at the top of the natural tail to cover the extension attachment point. 

Different thicknesses we have are as follows:

Single Thickness: Great for tails that require a little bit more volume, weighted to avoid high tail carriage.

Double Thickness (most popular): Gives extra volume and body, makes the tail look picture perfect for the show ring. Tail is weighted to avoid high tail carriage.

Triple Thickness: This thickness is mainly used for native types needing a heavy look, they are all good for traditional horses/ponies that need more volume.

If you would like guidance on which tail to purchase, then just message me at info@showponyprep.com with a picture of your ponies tail, I will give advice on which colour and weight will give the best overall look.

Our ultimate aim is to help you transform your pony into a show ring winner!

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