About us

SHOWPONYPREP® is now an Internationally recognised 'Show Preparation' brand, our customers are spread across the UK, EU, US, UAE, Canada, AUS. Since inception in 2018, the business has grown from strength to strength thanks to its quality products and exceptional customer service. 

SHOWPONYPREP® is a British based family business, selling a number of products to give your horse/pony that 'LOOK AT ME' presence in the Show Ring.

Our Luxury Browbands & Accessories are designed and hand made in the UK. Our Browbands and accessories are made with only the best materials and have unique 'No Fray' stitching on the sides. 

Although we stock 'off the peg' Browbands & Accessories in various colours, designs and sizes, we also offer a bespoke service to our customers which enables them to build a unique browband from scratch EXACTLY how they want. Our team are on hand to chat through your design and provide advice to create something truly special.

The owners Karlie & Tal have developed the company to what it is today through sheer grit and determination to succeed. Karlie grew up showing horses and has a passion for turnout and precise preparation for the ring. Together with her close friends she designed a number of key products to take to market in July 2018. Tal has grown to love the sport over the last 15 years+ being with Karlie and they now have two little girls (Layla & Livia) who both already love the horses and the sport at the tender ages of 5 and 7 months!!

At SHOWPONYPREP® we've not only established the luxury products we talk about above, we've explored all the key pain points with showing and looked for a way to solve those pain points with ease. Our SPP False Hair range is exactly that, no longer do horses and ponies have to have wispy tails or rug rubbed manes... SHOWPONYPREP® have all types of solutions, from False tails to False plaits - everything is catered for with robust, quality products.

Whilst we are primarily an online business, we want to adapt to our customers needs in 2022. We will be attending at least 3 Shows per month to interact directly with our much loved customers. SHOWPONYPREP® will also have a showroom opening for people to visit and have a good look at the quality of our products, you will be able to have a coffee and discuss your needs. Appointments can be made by calling our mobile 07710550438.


Tal, Layla & Karlie (not in our Horse Show clothing) 


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