Is your horse or pony’s tail damaged or thin, spoiling the look of the overall appearance?  No need to despair, with the help of a false tail you can easily transform that final impression to impeccable perfection.

With the start of the outdoor showing season underway, it’s time to assess the turnout of your horse or pony and consider where any improvements can be made.

Something that can be overlooked and which makes a big difference is the quality of your horses tail.

Damaged, thin or rubbed tails can transform immaculate turnout into a show ring nightmare. By using a false tail you can easily increase the volume or disguise a thin tail to gain the overall look you are aiming for.

False tails from Show Pony Prep are made from natural hair with a fabric loop at the top making them easy to secure in place with a flawless finish.

Tails are available in a wide variety of colours to match your horse and three different thickness options.

As a guideline...

Single tails are for improving the appearance of a thin or wispy tail

Double tails are for larger breeds or ponies with badly damaged or hardly any tail

Triple tails are for use with Native breeds

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